Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Handpainted and Decoupage Pots

Hello Everyone!!
Today I thought I would show a few of my terra cotta pots. The first two are a hand painted pot done using the leaf from a philodendron plant. These are one of my favorite plants and since I have two of them I decided to paint the pot with the leaves from this plant. The third picture shows pots that I have
done using the decoupage technique. If you are interested in any of these pots, feel free to email me anytime. Until next time...Happy Crafting!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Diaper Cakes

Hi Everyone:
I thought today I would show you some of the diaper cakes I have made. I love making these. They can be as fancy or as simple as you choose. They make a great centerpiece for a bridal shower or I can make a diaper cupcake, which consists of six
diapers and a few little baby items..the perfect gift to take to the new mother while she is in the hospital. Either way, these make a great gift!! Hope you like them. If you have any questions or would like to order one please email me and I will gladly discuss the details with you. Thanks for stopping by and looking!! Until next time.....Happy Crafting!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Glass Block Night Lights

Hello Everyone...
Today I am posting pictures of glass block night lights that I make. Some of you may have seen these done with just the lights and then ribbon added. I make them that way but I also make them with graphics. I like them with just the ribbons and lights but I think the graphics and little other accessories add a special touch. The two that I have posted are Christmas ones but they can be made in any theme that you can think of.

The first one is a small(4" x 8")glass block. I have used two different graphics for this and it is accented with a holiday ribbon. The pictures here show both sides with the different graphics and also show you how it looks when it is plugged in at night. These really add a pretty accent to any room when they are lit. They are especially nice for a baby or toddler's room.  The larger one(6" x 6")is done with a gingerbread graphic and is also accented with a holiday ribbon.

These are not made with the craft blocks that your local craft stores are now carrying. I do not like those blocks. These are made from the glass blocks that you would buy from Lowe's and drill the hole in them to insert the lights.  If you like what you see and would like one made for you or as a gift please contact me and we can discuss the details.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!! Until next time....Happy Crafting!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fabric Covered Albums

Hi Everyone:
Since I said I was closing my other blog I thought I better move some of my pictures over to this one so you can see what I have made or what I am making. These are just a few of the fabric covered photo albums that I have made. They can be made in just about any theme you can think of. Most of these have already been sold but if you see something you like please email me at: craftychick57@gmail.com. If I can get the same material I will duplicate it for you, if not then I will make something different.
Hope you like what you see and until next time........Happy Crafting!!!