Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mason Jar Mini Christmas Cookies

This post has nothing to do with my crafts, however; I am posting it wherever I think would gain me the most exposure. In addition to this blog I also have a cookie blog which you can find here: In getting with the spirit of Christmas I have decided to sell Mason Jar Cookies. They come in two sizes..small(pint)and large(quart). The small jar holds approximately 30-35 mini cookies(maybe more)and the large one holds approximately 40-60 mini cookies. All cookies are baked by me. They are decorated according to the theme you choose. I have Christmas Themes available...Christmas Joy(cookies in jar are a christmas tree, stocking, gift, ornament, bulb), Child's Dream(cookies in jar are santa, sleigh, reindeer, candy cane), Outdoor Fun(cookies in jar are hat, mitten, snowflakes, snowmen), A Child is Born(Angel, Star, Bell, Candle). The small jar sells for $18.00 and the large jar sells for$25.00. Shipping is extra. If you are interested I can email you a form for ordering or you can send me at: with any questions you may have. Last day to order is December 14th to give me time to make all cookies and package the jars. Payment is due when order is placed and can be done through paypal.

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